Ballistic Bowstrings is moving!

Effective March 1 2018 that we will have a new address:


Today’s high tech bows need the highest quality bowstrings to achieve total performance.

Ballistic Bowstrings EXCEED all O.E.M. specifications and are available in a wide variety of colour choices for all types of bows,

Ballistic Bowstrings have been Canada’s leading supplier of high quality OEM bowstrings and cables since 1990. In supplying dealers and manufacturers over the years, we have developed and perfected the art of string fabrication. Our technicians have also developed the customized equipment that is essential to producing consistent strings and cables of superior quality.

I went ballistic ! Awesome string – super stable and smoking fast. Have to love the custom colours as well

I’ve been shooting Ballistic strings for over three years now and I think the results speak for themselves!!!!

We’re fussy at Excalibur. Anything less than the best is not good enough. Ballistic Bowstrings never disappoint.

When you are looking for a quality product, there is no need to look to the major U.S. manufacturers. Ballistic Bowstrings are among the best there is. Custom made to our specs, made in Ontario. Our customers are always happy with the service and the strings.