Ballistic Bowstrings has been Canada’s leading supplier of high quality OEM bowstrings, replacement strings and cables for over 15 years. In supplying dealers and manufacturers over the years, we have developed and perfected the art of string fabrication. Our technicians have developed the customized equipment essential to produce consistent strings and cables of superior quality.

Today’s high tech bows need the highest quality bowstrings to achieve total performance. Ballistic Bowstrings are manufactured to exceed all O.E.M. specifications and are available in a wide variety of materials and colour choices for all types of bows.

Ballistic Premium Bowstrings have undergone years of rigorous testing by some of North America’s top tournament archers and bow hunters.

Our strings are constructed of the finest materials available, using advanced string making technology.

The proprietary processes used virtually eliminates peep rotation, break-in time and serving separation. Most premium strings will be completely settled in less than 10 shots. Our master string making technicians take great pride in the attention to detail given to the construction of each Ballistic Bowstring.

Ballistic Bowstrings are unsurpassed in quality, performance, durability, and eye catching great looks.

Satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

When others let you down…


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